Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love being a geriatrician!

What a great article!

Unfortunately despite the growing need for geriatrics in every way (patient care, cost effectiveness etc), fewer and fewer students go into geriatrics.

Out of 18,665 students who graduate each year from US medical schools, 90 go into geriatrics eventually.

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muddywaters12strg said...

I got to agree that is a great article and I also agree that more medical students should go into the field of geriatrics. The only issue I can see with it though is that most of the baby boomers are only going to be around for another 40 years or so. If a large group of medical students do go into the high demand field of geriatrics. What will happen when that demand drops causing many to be no longer needed. That's just me thinking ahead into the future although an economist would say take advantage of the opportunity while its still around. I know that whether or not there will always be a demand for geriatrics, there will always be some kind of demand for an assisted living facility, until technology grows enough to allow the elderly to stay in there homes for a longer period of time.