Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What are the biggest risk factors for dementia?

Recently I came across this article on Nature Reviews which is a very good authoritative journal.  (article is not free).  It lists MODIFIABLE risk factors for Alzheimer's.  Guess what ranks highest?  Diabetes increases risk by 46%, hypertension by 61%, obesity by 60%, depression by 65%, smoking by 59%, low education by 59%.  But the highest risk for dementia was physical inactivity which raises the risk by 82%!!!!!!!


An encouraging note from your geriatrician.

ps these are relative risks.  So if your baseline risk of developing dementia is 10%, then physical inactivity will increase the risk to 18%

pps the biggest risk factor for dementia is age.  By far.  This is not easily modifiable ;)

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